Helping Hands


The In Motion Auto Story

I have always been into cars, motorcycles, boats, and basically anything that had a motor and could go fast! After working for other shops, I decided to start my own shop, “In Motion Auto” with one goal in mind! To give my customers great service, honesty, great pricing, and great communication!

The community has responded with overwhelming support for our shop and the services that we provide. We have a great customer base with a wonder full mix of retail customers, fleet customers, and wholesale customers.

We are very proud of the fact that a very large percentage of our retail customers are female. Myself and my staff work very hard at making sure our customer is always satisfied so that we keep them coming back! All of our customers become family!

Look what our customers are saying about us. Please go to Sure Critic

My success in life is from my wonderful customer base. I am very grateful for the years in business that I have enjoyed. I want to help people in our community that could use a helping hand!

That is why I decided to start our Helping Hands Program!